Experimental Facilities

Experimental facilities

The IMKT attaches great importance to experimental testing technology. An extensive test field enables investigations on a wide range of drive systems, machine elements or experimental model setups. Experimental analysis under defined and realistic operating conditions enables the behavior of the respective component or tribological system to be described, provides input data for the calculation and serves to verify the computational models.    

Individual machine elements (e.g. rolling bearings, gears, seals, synchronizers) are examined on component test rigs, and their operational and functional behavior or service life is investigated experimentally. This type of test rig is available for all machine elements investigated at the IMKT in various forms, some of which are standardized or externally certified.


  • Large-diameter bearing test rig for rolling bearings up to 1m outer diameter
  • several FE8 test rigs
  • different rolling bearing life test rigs up to bearing bore diameter of approx. 180mm
  • Friction and function test stands for rolling bearings up to speeds of 60.0001/min
  • Leakage and flow rate test rigs for dynamic seals
  • Functional test benches for dynamic seals, e.g. to determine the frictional torque
  • several synchronizer test benches, partly in twin-shaft configuration for double-clutch transmissions

For even more in-depth investigations, the tribological conditions of the systems or machine elements to be investigated are abstracted and examined on model test rigs using high-precision measurement technology.

A wide range of test parameters (e.g. speed, load level and direction) and operating conditions (e.g. type of lubrication, temperature, exposure to additional media) can already be setup on the individual test rigs. Different methods can be used to carry out investigations. With the help of our own workshop, and our experience in the construction and operation of test equipment and the equipment available, the setups can be further adapted. This is particularly true with regard to the geometry of the test object and the test methods used. Thus, different systems for temperature control (heating and cooling) are available, which can be used in a mobile way. With regard to the examination methods, optical examinations can be carried out on rotating superstructures with several high-speed cameras and thermographic systems, for example, and fluorescence methods are also used. 

An overview of the institute's experimental facilities and setups can be downloaded below. Due to the large number of possible combinations and adaptations, this can only cover a part of the technical possibilities. Please contact us for further information.

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